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Le Dialogue BD muslim show

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Une bande dessinée inédite qui répond de façon simple et sans tabous aux questions d'actualité liées à l'Islam.

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An unpublished comic book that responds in a simple and taboo way to current issues related to Islam.

This unique comic book is the result of a participatory campaign launched by the editions of the BDouin so that ideas about Islam are deconstructed and Islam explained to the greatest number!
Designed by Norédine Allam, author of the Muslim Show, this first volume exposes the position of Islam on terrorist attacks and will open the doors of mosques ...
What is Jihad?
What is the Islamic State?
What does Allahu Akbar mean?
What's going on in a mosque?

Questions and answers answered in the form of comic strips.

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Practical information :
Comic format: 22 x 30cm
68 pages in color
Hardcover hardcover