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  • السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهrnrnJ'ai passé commande plusieurs fois sur le site, sarawils de qualité Allahuma baarik pour adultes et enfants, jilbab rien à dire Allahuma baarik superbe promo en plus ma shaa Allah ! J'ai pu...

    Ummissa, Essonne (91), 91
  • Assalemou aleykom, rnJe suis tombé par hasard sur votre site en cherchant des Qamis pakistanais , j'ai voulu tenter l'expérience et là je peux vous dire que je ne suis pas déçu de l'expérience. Les Qamis...

    Maïa de Jesus, Menton



The Islamic sarouel has the wind in its sails, it is found more and more in online shops. Afrik Orient Shop is no exception to the rule. The customer is king and we have reserved a showcase of sarouels prettier than the others. When the big brands of Muslim sarouels jostle in our Islamic shop, that gives that!

Sarouel qaba'il Collection:

It is undoubtedly the mark that comes up most often when one evokes the sarouel, and for good reason! Because of its quality, its models still innovative, classy and elegant, the brand of harem pants Qaba'il has a legitimate place in our Islamic shop Afrik Orient Shop. Cargo sarge, jeans, jogging, short or long, there is necessarily in our site the sarouel that you need!

Sarouel in jogging:

Sports lovers like to feel comfortable during their sporting activities. Afrik Orient Shop has selected for you models of harem pants in jogging, enough to combine business with pleasure, with style as a bonus! Long harem pants or sarouel short sweet, fleece, with or without its matching jogging hooded sweater, the Qaba'il brand offers you what it knows best of harem pants!

Jazayri harem pants:

The Algerian sarouel represented by the very promising brand qaba'il, has invested our shop. We all have a sarouel model that we particularly cherish, that's why Afrik Orient Shop has selected for you this model of Algerian Islamic harem pants with remarkable finishes and details. The new I.Moon brand is not left out with these pretty models of Algerian sarouels type para and battle.

Afrik Orient Shop will pamper you with all these models of harem pants! With style, class, elegance and presence, whether jogging, fabric or bath, you wear pants harem pants ^^!

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