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    Ghalia, Rennes
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    Abu Abd Al Rahman, El-Oued Algérie/ Lyon


Qaba 'il

The QABA'IL Brand

She has become a reference in Islamic clothing and modest for the Muslim man. At the same time elegant and of quality, this brand qaba'il is declined in different products to adapt to the needs of our brothers in their daily life.

The Qaba'il collection offers you

Cargo sarouels canvas and jogging sarouels for a sober effect. Comfortable and uncluttered, this qaba'il harem pants, available in different colors, will naturally find its place in your dressing room.

Another novelty of our Qaba'il collection not to be missed is the qaba'il tracksuit set. Lined seams for a better reinforcement, high quality fabric and refined finishes, it is qaba'il suits that are the ideal clothing for the brothers with urban lifestyles and in constant movement.

AfrikOrient Shop has also thought of those looking for originality and modernity. Our online store offers them the elegant Algerian harem pants style jazayri, 100% cotton for optimal comfort and a new cut for a sleek and different style.

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Showing 1 - 27 of 171 items