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  • as salam aleykoum wa ramatllahi wa barakato site complet bonne condition denvoi bon choix de parfum pour les connaiseurs (les novices peuvent se fier au commentaires et explications) contact vendeur rapide si besoin* A RECOMMANDER SANS SOUCIS LABES

    aboo misk, la bocca
  • Envoi rapide très bon produit contact excellent je reviendrai sur ce site in'sha Allah rnJ'en suis satisfait.

    Mokrane, Paris



From its abode in the heart of Mecca, Surrati Perfumes spreads an aroma that is as pure and unadulterated as the land of its origins. A family owned business that has remained true to ideals of authenticity and commitment to its clientele for over eight decades; Surrati is perfect for people who wish to leave a lasting impression.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items