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  • Drop of love
    Drop of love

    Honey improved by royal jelly, pollen and a blend of herbs of tropical...

    2,37 €
  • Indian Costus
    Indian Costus

    The Benefits of Indian costus for sterility, sexual weakness,...

    3,78 €
  • Sudan Honey Stick
    Sudan Honey Stick

    Stick of 10g of Sudanese honey, a real natural aphrodisiac and body...

    3,08 €

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  • Ana abiyed leather
    Ana abiyed leather

    Ana abyed leather is a harmonious and soothing fragrance composed of...

    33,25 €
  • Thiouraye Suukar
    Thiouraye Suukar

    Thiouraye is very precious and comes from a secret Senegalese recipe

    10,00 €
  • Thiouraye St louis
    Thiouraye St louis

    This St. Louis thiouraille is composed of a mixture of herbs, flowers,...

    10,00 €
  • Thiouraye Nekh na
    Thiouraye Nekh na

    Thiouraye is very precious and comes from a secret Senegalese recipe.

    8,33 €
  • Thiouraye Diguidjé
    Thiouraye Diguidjé

    When we hear about grain incense we can mention with great ease the...

    10,00 €


  • Tres bien

    Erwan Jeannin, Rambouillet
  • As Salam Aalaykoum, rnrien n'a dire El hamdoulilah le délais de livraison ainsi que les produit le tout était ok sans oublier le service client El hamdoulilah. rnBarakaAllah oufikoum rn3Aalaykoum as salam

    Hassan, Belgique


List of products by manufacturer AJYAD

AJYAD is a perfumery brand that is very successful in the Middle East.

AJYAD is a brand of perfumery known in the Middle East which is very successful and excels in its compositions made from agarwood.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item