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Patchouli oil - Madagascar

Patchouli oil - Madagascar


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An incredible patchouli oil, a perfume of yesteryear that will delight all lovers of this perfume


An olfactory journey with this pure patchouli oil

For all lovers of the patchouli fragrance, this 100% vegetable patchouli oil is made for you. Distillation of the leaves of Pogostemon carlin, a non-botanical patchouli plant, by steam distillation. An ancestral oil highly prized by great perfumers when designing fragrances. Its light yellow to yellow color with a sweet, earthy, oriental and warm smell.

A therapeutic and aromatic quality for our patchouli oil

Eh yes ! Our patchouli oil is not only used for this scent but can also be useful in diffusion to create a calming ambiance. It is known to facilitate blood circulation and also has anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating and insect repellent properties... To learn more about the benefits of patchouli oil, we advise you to take the time to consult works that deal explicitly with the use of this magnificent oil.

PRECAUTIONS- Do not use for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children under 6 years old.- Rare internal use, reserved for therapists- Keep out of reach of children.

Origin: Madagascar

Capacity: 6ml