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Discovering Harem Pants

The Harem pants, these baggy pants, have found more and more followers in recent years. It invades most wardrobes today because of its lighter fabric and also, its exceptional design. Whether it's to take a yoga class or to dance, these pants of Persian origin are very well worn. If you are also passionate about Harem pants, find out everything you need to know about this garment.

The story of Harem pants

Harem pants, also called saroual or seroual, are pants with a wide, low crotch that goes down to the knees. It has stood the test of time to become a real trendy garment even today.

Coming from Persia, the Harem pants quickly spread to other countries thanks to the Silk Road. When merchants from all regions meet on the road, they change not only goods, but also wealth and culture. Thus, if Harem pants are referred to at the beginning as the pants of the Persians, everything changed as the people traded with other traders on the Silk Road. Harem pants were thus shipped to countries in Asia and North Africa. It even happens in the Caucasus and Turkey. For the latter more particularly, the Harem pants became a traditional garment for many years. If men like to wear pants, it's because they provide real comfort. Since it is wide and made of cotton, it has the advantage of being cool and light. It also absorbs moisture, which is particularly suitable for arid-type climates. As for women, they only wore Harem pants in the 20th century. The garment has undergone several modifications so that it

could adapt to the religious norms of the time. Not only was its cut redesigned and feminized, but it was also made of nobler and more elegant materials, such as silk, velvet or satin.

Today, the harem pants remain a traditional Maghreb garment. In Tunisia and Algeria, men and women wear it during various ceremonies, such as weddings. It mainly consists of baggy pants, a velvet jacket and a vest.

The different harem pants

You find various models of harem pants on the market.

The qadrissi (puffy harem pants)

The quadrissi is a bouffant sarouel of the Moroccan type adopting a straight cut. Its particularity lies in its wider shape. It has a wider crotch and legs that go down to the calves. The straight cut quadrissi is one of the traditional clothes of Morocco.

The Jazayri (traditional from Algeria)

The Jazayri is another type of straight cut harem pants. It is distinguished from the Moroccan quadrissi by the fact that it has a less curved shape. In addition, its crotch is higher and its legs are longer than those of the quadrissi sarouel.

Whether Jazayri or quadrissi, both types of harem pants are available in various colors and materials. In addition to the straight-cut harem pants, today there are also legless models. They are more practical and more comfortable.

New trends

Various models of harem pants are trendy today:

The Sarouel pant, which adopts a relaxed shape. It can be worn without stress during your yoga or relaxation session. It is more elegant than simple cropped trousers or shorts;

The jogging harem pants, which is suitable not only for athletes, but also for lovers of

fashion. This homewear and sportswear type jogging is a real accessory for

fashion ;

The Sarouel de bain, being a swimsuit designed specifically for men. It is much lighter and wider, which gives its wearer real comfort during a moment of relaxation by the sea or by the swimming pool;

Harem pants para, which is suitable for all body types. It comes in various materials. The sarouel para jeans is the most popular insofar as it combines robustness, comfort and design;

The jeans harem pants, which also adapts to all body types. It is easy to wear since it accepts most tops.

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