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White Thobe

The white Kamees

If you don't yet have a white qamis, it's time to get up to speed. Indeed, it is neither more nor less than an essential that every Muslim must have in his wardrobe.

The white qamis: an essential in your wardrobe

Our AfrikOrient online store offers you to discover many models of white qamis. This traditional Muslim clothing allows the men of the community to preserve their modesty. Originally from the Arab countries, the latter knew how to cross the borders to export itself throughout the whole world.

Likewise, do you know that by wearing this white qamis, you are performing an act that is found in the sunnah? Indeed, the Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa salam) informed us that white clothes correspond to the most beautiful clothes. Thus, do not deprive us of earning hassanates while dressing elegantly.

Our shop has a wide selection for all tastes

Dress just as the Messenger of Allah did, as well as his Companions. We thus give you the possibility of following the prophetic tradition, from a clothing point of view.

Finesse in the details with the white qamis

Our online store has an eye for detail. Indeed, we are concerned about the quality of the product and the satisfaction of our customers. Thus, discover for example, the Saudi-style white men's qamis, a superior quality garment thanks to the precious fabric that comes from Vietnam. It is an ideal fabric to wear in all seasons and its texture allows you to be free of your movements.

AfrikOrient: much more than just a shop

Before being a shop, we want to convey to you the good values that Muslims must have. This is why through our products, we want to instill in you the requirements of dressing modestly.

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