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Costus is one of the best drugs and has no side effects.

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Costus is one of the best drugs and has no side effects.

It is very useful for problems related to ovaries, and lack of menstruation.
It is also used for diabetes problems, it stimulates the pancreas and lowers blood sugar levels.

In the Arab-Muslim tradition, the costus was used to treat various ailments such as migraines, pleurisy.

It facilitates the rules and the emission of urine, has a deworming action, acts on freckles.

Stomachic, emmenagogue, antispasmodic

- Sexual weakness, erection problem
-Gastric disturbances
-Herald and liver diseases (hepatitis)
-Cancer of the mouth
-Asthmus and tuberculosis
- Stop witchcraft

How to use it ?

Consumption: Mix ground costus and water then drink it to treat clot mergers, menstruation, fertilization, urinary diseases, liver diseases, kidney and digestive system, oral cancer, good for brain, sexual insufficiency, immunity, diaphea and pain in childbirth, appetite, active general metabolism, witchcraft, pleurisy and lung disease.

Inspire a quantity of ground costus by diseases of the respiratory system, asthma, tuberculosis, inflammation of angina and throat, fever.

External use: Costus in olive oil for 15 days for an ointment for all types of massages.

Mix with water and honey and allow to ferment for a compress for all types of burns, wounds and all face problems.

Take a bath with water mixed with costus to kill bacteria and germs attached to the body and especially in places such as under the arms or between the thighs.

Net weight: 50g


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Indian costus in branch

Indian costus in branch

Costus is one of the best drugs and has no side effects.

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