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Djellaba Man in Sousdi - Black

Djellaba Man in Sousdi - Black


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Moroccan djellaba of sousdy type

A Moroccan djellaba or moroccan djellaba of very good quality, made and sewn by expert craftsmen from father to son. Its cotton fabric is slightly transparent, for this reason this jelaba must be worn over a white qamis, for example of the Saudi or Emirati type, depending on your preference. This djellaba will embellish your Muslim outfit with elegance.

Highlights of this black Jelaba

Beautifully cut, with a light tone-on-tone embroidery on the chest, long sleeves and a hood (large pointed-shaped hood), this djellaba will be one of your favorite Islamic garments.

With which accessories to wear your djellaba?

The fetish accessories that are traditionally worn with a djellaba are initially the slippers, which you can match the color of your outfit, the white chachya or another color and finally the quintessential Muslim dress which is the qamis.

You will also find other colors available in your online Muslim shop.