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Djellaba man for winter - Blue

Djellaba man for winter - Blue


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Moroccan djellaba for men - Each season has its own jellaba

Spend a warm winter with this magnificent Moroccan djellaba made in a wool and cotton fabric. 100% artisanal manufacturing by our designers specialized in Moroccan clothing. By wearing this traditional djellaba with hood, you will be protected from the icy winter winds. Indeed, you will be camouflaged from the cold while being comfortable in your movements.

How to wear your Djellaba man in cold weather

To take full advantage of your winter djellaba for men, you just have to wear it like a coat. Indeed, simply put on there over your everyday clothes: over your work clothes, your qamis or even over your tracksuit. It will bring you a lot of comfort by being protected from the cold.

What an accompaniment for this Muslim outfit

In traditional countries, this hot djellaba is worn in the Atlas Mountains for example. It comes with a qamis or gandoura underneath and of course the famous slippers in matching colors. Also don't forget the winter chachya woven in wool or cotton which will go perfectly with your outfit depending on the color selected.

Composition: wool and cotton

Color: brown