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Organic bee bread

Organic bee bread


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A pollen mixed with honey and shaped by the foragers, naturally fermented within the hive.


A mixture of pollen, honey and worker bee secretions, bee bread is naturally fermented pollen within the hive, intended to nourish the colony.

Compared to the pollen already rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals (including selenium) and antioxidants, the nutrients in bee bread are more easily assimilated and it is a pre- and probiotic, which gives it many health properties: it stimulates the metabolism and the immune system, facilitates digestion, detoxifying, for an energizing and protective cocktail.

The main key points of this product:

A complementary offer to the dry and fresh pollen of the range, intended for a more seasoned public or looking for a more specific product

- Certified organic product, guaranteeing superior quality and a harvesting method that respects the bee and the environment.

Ingredients :

100% ingredients from Organic Farming

Our advice for use:

1 half a teaspoon (2 g) per day, to consume pure or mixed with a little honey or in a compote.

15-day supplementation period, to be renewed if necessary.

To be renewed if necessary or when the seasons change. Shake the ampoule before use. It is advisable to take these ampoules of royal jelly each morning, diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice.

Precautions for use:

Not recommended for people allergic to bee products. Store away from light and heat.


50 g