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Royal green hojari oliban

Royal green hojari oliban


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We offer one of the best quality oliban, this one is from Oman, it can be used as incense and also be eaten for these multiple health benefits ...


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Green frankincense hojari

We offer you the best quality frankincense, green hojari royal frankincense, this one is from Oman, it can be used as incense and also be eaten for these multiple health benefits.

What is Royal Oliban:

Frankincense resin is a fragrant plant resin that comes from the "Boswelllia sacra" tree found in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, such as Yemen and Oman.

Only the male tree, three meters tall at maturity, produces the precious resin, but it takes a good ten years for it to provide a quality product.

The bark is incised by removing a narrow and long flap, the area is then scraped open, and the gum-resin concretions are collected by dropping them into a container.

It is mainly used in fumigation, in incense, a slight citrus note testifies to its quality. The lighter the grains, the more expensive it is.

Note that the scent given off by frankincense is different depending on the source.

Frankincense resin has many health properties. Scientists have found that there is an agent in the resin that helps stop the spread of cancer. It causes cancer cells to destroy themselves.

Benefits of frankincense resin drink:

Prevents digestive problems

Strengthens the immune system

Works as a natural diuretic

Strengthens, tones and tightens skin, muscles and internal organs

Promotes cell regeneration

Helps the body to eliminate toxins

Helps relieve stress and inflammation


Relieves fever and headaches

Penetrates the blood-brain barrier

Relieves bronchitis

Helps relieve sore throat

How to make olibanum resin drink:

Ingredients :

A sachet of olibanum resin

250 ml of purified water

A glass jar


Put the resin at the bottom of the pot. Boil water. Pour the water over the resin until the pot is full. Cover and let the water sit overnight.

The use of Royal Hojari Green frankincense

Take small sips of this drink throughout the day. If this is the first time you have taken this brew, be sure to gradually introduce this drink to your body.

Other information about Boswellia Sacra incense

Net weight: 20g bag

Origin: Oman

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