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Flower diffuser - Oriental Musk

Flower diffuser - Oriental Musk


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Enhance your interior with this musk tahara which will diffuse the sweet scent of tahara.


Oriental musk to perfume your interior

Enhance your interior with this oriental musk, which will diffuse its scent for long days. Live the Orient while being quietly installed in your sofa. Yes, the floral, spice and musk notes will not leave you indifferent: Its fragrance will give you a moment of relaxation and escape. Do not miss this olfactory journey!

A flower diffuser for your oriental musk

The fragrance diffuser was created to embellish the smell of your home but also to decorate. Indeed, the natural sola flower, made by hand, will gradually change color over time and will continue to diffuse its fragrance even when the bottle is empty.

The long evaporation time allows you to enjoy its fragrance for 60 days

Capacity: 100ml