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Elegance solid perfume

Elegance solid perfume


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A wonderfully scented cube imparting an enchanting scent to any desired space such as in your home, store, living room, car, cabinet or office.


The elegance perfume in solid perfume, a surprising perfume, which you can diffuse to any desired space such as in your home, store, living room, car, wardrobe or office.

Scent yourself the other way

Discover a new way to perfume yourself thanks to the solid perfume, The solid perfume is very economical and very practical, you can take it everywhere with you. To perfume yourself, just rub the piece of solid perfume on your skin, a magnificent and light smell of this solid perfume will follow you for a few hours.

The smell of solid perfume diminishes over time, but if you scratch it, the smell will come back more.

The olfactory notes of this scent

Top: Violet Leaf, Bergamot, Coriander

Heart: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Black Pepper

Base: Gray Amber, Patchouli, Bourbon Vanilla

How to use solid perfumes?

You can use solid perfume as a body spray or as a home fragrance almost anywhere you want it to smell good. Think, for example, of your living room, your car, your bathroom, your toilet, your bedroom, your wardrobe, your store, your office, your living room. What also smells good is if you put a few solid perfume chips in your vacuum cleaner bag, as the wonderful scent spreads. While vacuuming.

Ingredients :

Musk Ambrette 2%, Musk Xylol 5%, Vanaline 4%, Rose Powder 8%, Essential Oil 10%, Perfume Base 71%

Cube of 25g +/-