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Thiouraye gowé

Thiouraye gowé


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Thiouraye is a mixture of traditional African incense made from all grain incense, resins, plants and scented wood, fragrant essential oils.


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Its botanical name is Cyperus rotondus, an herb from the papyrus family. It is a plant that is similar to the Nutcracker (Cyperus esculentus), they have the same root, one comes from West Africa (Mali, Senegal ...) and the other from Africa from the east

Gowé contains essential oils with medicinal properties such as reducing fever, inflammation, and pain. Tuber extracts can reduce nausea and act as a muscle relaxant. They are also used in pulmonary and urinary system problems.

In incense:

In Africa women use it as incense. They also consider the smoke it gives off to be an effective mosquito repellant.

Place a small pinch of thiouraye on hot thistle covered with ash so that the thiouraye gives off very little smoke and lots of perfume, it drives away bad smells

By Fumigation:

In Senegal, its fumigation provides an aphrodisiac effect as well as a strengthening of memory. This root has above all a relaxing and tranquilizing effect on the nerves and stimulating the mind. Its scent has a warm and dark oriental note; it is located between agarwood, vetiver root, and Indian spikenard.

In Infusion:

Gowé improves oral hygiene, cleanses the stomach and in addition to the purifying property, prevents colon cancer and diseases of the digestive system

Gowé + Khamaré recipe:

Wash the Gowé seeds by rubbing well to remove all the dust and rinse the khamaré twigs
Boil the Gowé seeds for 20 minutes.
Let stand off the heat and filter the boiled water.
Then pour into a bottle.
Insert a small bundle of twigs into the bottle
Keep the bottle cool

These two products, mixed, constitute a formidable aphrodisiac for the woman and a remedy to cure the pains of the lower abdomen due to the menstruation. More generally, the virtues of this mixture are as follows:

Increased lubrication of the vagina: the pleasure therefore lasts longer for both partners (drink hot 2 hours before bedtime)

Calming against painful periods (drink hot)

This recipe cleanses the stomach after your period:
To drink twice a day for 3 days from the end of the rules.

Capacity: 60g jar
Origin: Senegal

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