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Chajarat Maryam

Chajarat Maryam


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Chajarat Mariam also called flower of Jericho This plant from Mecca that is present in many countries of the Maghreb is known for its virtues regarding infertility.


The Chajarat Mariam is incredible, it a dry plant that in contact with water opens in a few hours. It then becomes dry again. It can be used very long by its constitution it is really impressive ma sha Allah.

Its benefits are manifold, by the grace of Allah this plant decreases arthritis, promotes ovulation and mucus and facilitates childbirth.


-Prepare a few twigs (single use) and infuse them in boiling water.

- Drink an infusion from the 3rd day of menstruation to the last day of the menstrual cycle.

Do this over a period ranging from 1 to 3 cycles!


- Fill a container with cold water and introduce the chajarat mariam until totally.
- Dry the plant on absorbent paper for about 3 weeks.

-Recover the water from the container and heat it to be able to drink it as an infusion.

Reminder: This plant represents only one cause because the cure comes from Allah

Net weight of 30 gr
Provenance: Saudi Arabia (Mecca)