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Solid shampoo with Nigella

Solid shampoo with Nigella


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This Nigella Solid Shampoo is a worldwide exclusive and never the hair and scalp have benefited from so many active ingredients


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This Nigella Solid Shampoo is a worldwide exclusive and never the hair and scalp have benefited from so many active ingredients Nigella in a shampoo because what really matters are the active ingredients contained in the product and not the water which constitutes 90% of a liquid shampoo.

Solicited for a long time so that we offer a shampoo Nigella, we could not meet this demand, although strong, with a poor product, as these liquid shampoos containing 5% or even 2% of active ingredients, not reflecting the that is what Wadi Shibam® is looking for in terms of Quality.

Thus, this solid shampoo, being essentially based on our famous 99% Pure Nigella Oil and Nigella Powder, will make you fully benefit from Nigella's properties such as, among other things, the soothing of the itching of the skin. scalp due to eczema, psoriasis or other pathology of the skin.

Vegan and composed of only 100% Natural ingredients such as:

Sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI) which is a surfactant of natural origin, mild, well tolerated by the skin and derived from coconut oil.

Sodium lactate, considered a natural humectant but also a bacteriostatic agent with antioxidant properties and can improve bacterial stability when used in combination with a full spectrum preservative as is the case of Vitamin E BIO content in the ingredients.

In general, the benefits of this solid shampoo can be summarized as follows:

Economical: If the price may seem high at first, the solid shampoo ultimately proves much more economical than a classic shampoo because in addition to last much longer, it can allow you to also do without a conditioner . 60g of solid shampoo can perform 50 to 80 washes, which equates to at least 2 bottles of conventional shampoo.

Ecological: a solid shampoo is very ecological, especially because in addition to saving a lot of water unlike liquid shampoos, it does not require packaging and precisely plastic bottles that will later cause waste for the environment. 'environment.

Easy to use: after wetting the hair, it will be enough either to work the solid shampoo in the wet hands to obtain the foam that one will then distribute on the hair to wash them by repeating this 2-3 times, that is to say apply the solid shampoo, after having underwater, directly into the wet hair and rub it on the head until lather enough. Then as any conventional shampoo, because we do not forget: it is a shampoo, gently massage the scalp and let act 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing. If you have a soap box, you can store it after letting it dry on a soap dish or just leave it on!

Vegan and 100% Natural: this solid shampoo therefore contains no harmful product for the skin or hair.

Effective: this solid shampoo is very effective since the majority of its composition is made of active ingredients unlike liquid shampoos that are composed of 90% water without counting the other chemical ingredients! Thus, in addition to being a natural detangler and making the hair soft and more robust, the significant presence of Nigelle helps treat certain pathologies of the skin and scalp and fight against hair loss.

Practice: a solid shampoo is very practical since it is possible to carry it on a trip without constraint because it is very compact and is not liquid. It can therefore be carried in the cabin on the plane making it easier for those who travel with hand luggage to still be able to travel with their pocket shampoo! Its drop shape allows a grip and a very easy application on wet hair to reveal a foam with the natural and special smell of Nigelle that will dissipate very well once rinsed.
We can note as disadvantages:

The price: a solid shampoo costs more to buy, certainly, but it remains profitable over time.

The drying time: after use, it must first let it dry slightly before transporting it. Owning a soap box can be very useful in this case to avoid waiting for it to be completely dry!
In conclusion:
With its high concentration of active ingredients Nigelle and more particularly our famous Nigella of Ethiopia Certified Pure 99%, no shampoo in the world currently rivals this Solid Shampoo on the benefits that a Nigella shampoo can bring to the hair and to the scalp.

INCI Ingredients:
Surfactant (Sodium cocoyl isethionate)
Seeds powder Nigella HABACHIYA
Demineralized Water
Sodium lactate
Vitamin E BIO

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