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Shea butter care gowé

Shea butter care gowé


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leaving after its application a slight smell of gowé (woody, spicy ...).


Vegetable shea cream with authentic goune extractleaving after its application a slight smell of gowé (woody, spicy ...).

To produce this mixture, rich in properties, we furrowed the region of waalo to select for you the best of the gowé.

Gowé is used for its deodorant properties, soothing during painful periods and help with firming after childbirth.

Shea naturally rich in moisturizing and softening active ingredients, but also in nigella oil (habba saouda) known for its purifying, soothing and stimulating properties.

For enhanced personal and body hygiene. It is also widely used in the care of acne-prone skin.

Melt a nut of shea butter gouged by rubbing your hands and then apply a gentle massage on the desired part: face, body, hair, nails

> Shea butter is rich in vitamins A, E, F and essential fatty acids
> Moisturises, nourishes and deeply protects the epidermis in every season
> Suitable for all skin types
> Gowé is antioxidant and purifying
> Revitalises and strengthens hair: dull, brittle, damaged and devitalized
> Prevents and relieves irritation
> Used during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks
> Excellent daily care for babies
> Revitalises tissues and restores elasticity to the skin
> Repairs skin after sun exposure

100% natural
Composition: shea butter (Burkina faso), gowé extract (waloo, Senegal), nigella oil (Ethiopia), Vaseline.

Capacity: 150g