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Organic fruity massage balm

Organic fruity massage balm


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A certified organic melting massage balm made with a selection of beneficial vegetable oils and propolis wax for relaxing massages, creating a protective film on the skin.


Relaxing, it softens and creates an antioxidant protective film on the skin thanks to the propolis wax. Apricot oil enhances the nourishing action of the balm.

This massage balm with fruity scents is inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition assimilated to thermal know-how of formulation based on bee products.

The main key points of this product:

Original texture: balm that turns into oil on the skin, facilitating application

- Nourishing, penetrating texture, leaving no greasy film

- Fresh and slightly sweet smell

- Airless bottle for better conservation and optimal dosage

Ingredients :

Propolis wax, Apricot, Coconut and Babassu oils

Our advice for use:

Allow a knob of balm to heat in the palm of your hands, then apply a gentle massage all over the body until the oil is absorbed. Insist if necessary on areas of tension: neck, shoulders, lower back. Can be used daily.

Precautions for use:

Store at room temperature and away from heat. Do not expose yourself to the sun after application. Adult use only.


50 ml