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Organic cocoa butter - Madagascar

Organic cocoa butter - Madagascar


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Cocoa butter, the magic ingredient to take care of your skin

Better known for its food use, cocoa butter is also all the more appreciated in the field of cosmetics since it is full of benefits for the skin of the face and body. It is widely used in all kinds of creams and balms. This cocoa butter is really ideal for external application for the greatest care of your body.

Some body benefits of cocoa butter

- For the feet: Massage your feet with cocoa butter for a softening and repairing treatment.

- For babies: It is a gentle daily care to protect the skin of infants. Apply to the skin and massage gently.

-For lips: Protect and repair chapped lips.

- For the body: Put a hazelnut in your bath to have satiny and protected skin. Apply to the skin to fight against the aggressions caused by the cold on a daily basis. It is suitable for the whole family.

- Against stretch marks: Massage the affected areas with a knob of cocoa butter. It slows down and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

An organic cocoa butter from Madagascar

Organic cocoa butter from Madagascar, made from high quality cocoa beans, with a 100% cocoa content, without additives or preservatives.

Beans from a plantation of cocoa trees cultivated in the old-fashioned way in the woods, without chemicals, committed to a responsible approach for the respect of the natural cycle, the environment and man.

Beans harvested and gently processed in the traditional way to obtain, after pressing and separation, a cocoa butter for vegetables, unrefined and undeodorized.

A cocoa butter with a 100% natural fatty acid profile from cocoa beans, particularly rich in saturated and unsaturated vegetable fats, which can be used in the manufacture of food and cosmetic products.

Net weight: 50g

Origin: Madagascar