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Kaftan - White linen

Kaftan - White linen


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Kaftan for men in linen, very comfortable, ideal for religious celebrations or weddings.

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White linen kaftan

The traditional kaftan in white is a long traditional oriental tunic with royal blue embroidery! Get to know this wedding garment better…

For information: The model wears a size M and measures 1.77m for 67kg.

White Kaftan: a Moroccan oriental tunic

Like the boubou, the qamis or the djellaba, the white kaftan is one of these popular Afro-Oriental outfits.

Indeed, worn in the countries of the Maghreb and Africa in general, this long traditional dress is ideal for periods of religious festivals or weddings.

Made from a white linen fabric, the dress is loose and light. Thus, it is as practical as it is comfortable during the summer season.

The tunic is adorned with electric blue embroidery on the collar and sleeves.

This pep color gives personality to the outfit. Thus, original and charming, this male dress is both traditional and modern.

The white linen kaftan: associations

The blue of the embroidery is reminiscent of the Majorelle blue found in the famous Majorelle garden in Marrakech.

This blue shade will therefore go perfectly with a yellow color. Thus, to accompany your outfit you can choose yellow slippers for a fancy look or a similar white or blue to complete the look.

Also, for a style that suits you, don't hesitate to combine your white kaftan with a pair of masculine sandals or matching sneakers, for example.

Finally, to stay in the tradition you can accessorize your head with an oriental chachya.

By the way, we have a soft spot for this gandoura!

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Origin: Morocco