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  • Assalamou alaykoum wa Rahmatoullahi wa Barakatou. Une commande de +, et toujours aussi satisfait, un super site! Que de belles choses, des bonnes senteurs et des vêtements sacrés. Des superbes Qamis. Jazak Allahu Khayran. Fraternellement.

    ismael, 17000
  • Salamoualikoum wa rahmatoulahi wa ta3ala wa barakatu,rnJe suis devenu une fidèle cliente par la qualité des produits,du service apres vente etc... cependant mon dernier achat sur un jilbab manasik vert je suis déçu car...

    Leila, Nantes



This is the AfrikOrient Shop Qamis department! Our online store dedicates an entire space to Islamic clothing for men and makes you travel across different countries of the Middle East!

The Saudi thobe
First of all, which you probably know, has quickly become a must for all our brothers. Large, comfortable and elegant, the Saudi qamis comes in different models and colors to always please you. Our winter specials, made of cashmere and wool and hand sewn, are particularly suitable in cold weather.

The Emirati thobe
As for him, you are offered in various colors, with or without stripes and will undoubtedly please men in search of elegance and renewal. Discover our Bahrain style qamis made in Japanese fabric and sewn by hand. This mixture of quality and know-how gives a magnificent result!

Finally, the Pakistani thobe
Characterized by the elegant combination of a shirt with beautiful embroidery and wide and comfortable pants. 100% cotton, the Pakistani Qamis is offered in different colors: black, light brown, beige and pale green. We also offer Abadi qamis, open collar and buttonless.

And for those who are looking for a comfortable urban qamis, AfrikOrient Shop dedicates an entire space to Qamis jogging. Two-colored, with sleeves and fleece hoods, our jogging qamis are available in various colors and are waiting for you in our shop!

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Showing 1 - 27 of 97 items