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  • Salamou 'aleykum, je recommande ce site pour leur sérieux, colis envoyé le jour même où mon payement leur est parvenu Allaahuma Bârik qu'Allaah fasse prospérer leur commerce en bien amine

    'Assim, Bruxelles
  • Rien à dire ou à redire rnUn sérieux irréprochable , rapidité de livraison et surtout produit de grande qualité rnMerci

    gaultier, Saint galmier



As we have all seen, many Muslims e-commerce sites are on the Web. Among the latter, the Afrik'Orient shop stands out by a wide range of products and quality of Islamic products, especially with regard to the ready-to-wear Muslim clothing. Indeed, every Muslim clothes are carefully chosen and presented attractively. You'll find all the collections of Muslim clothing in three categories, man, woman, and child.

Our Muslim clothing for him and her:

For men, countless Qamis and Sarwels of all kinds. Of course, the different styles of Africa and East are represented through recognized brands as I.Moon, Lawung, and many others. Not to mention the accessories essential to any Islamic Muslim clothing, namely Chachya the Ghutra and even to Saudi the Bisht top quality. Regarding women, the offer is also more complete, this goes from stylish abayas to mark high quality ad jilbabs dayyin available in all colors. And even children are not left out!

Afrik'Orient, this is not only the sale of Muslims clothes ...:

Besides the sale of Muslim clothing and recently the creation of his own ready-to-wear brand, at Afrik'Orient all products meet the needs of the Sunnah of our community. Natural medicinal products, musk fragrances and personal hygiene items. Good about yourself, well in body, then a choice of halal food among other dates and honey. But that's not all, there is also a child category at Afrik'Orient shop and impressive multimedia products, with the educational tools necessary for learning, and other products related to reading and listening to our Holy Koran . In short, choice and quality are the watchwords that characterize this essential web shop.

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