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  • Assalam enleymoum, très satisfait de mon commande sur la marque Kaba`il, le tissu en tres bon caliterrnJ ai ressu le commande sur 48h depuis a l`ile de la réunion franchement j`hesiterais pas a commandé d`autre incha AllahrnBarraka Allah fikum.

    Mohamed, St André( Réunion)
  • Satisfait livraison très rapide

    KALILOU SIBY, Goussainville


Oil of Perfume

Musk, a quality perfume oil

Musk, or perfume oil, has been able to travel through the centuries and still have the same success with the Muslim population. Fresh, natural and always of high quality, musk is also a Sunnah:

According to Abu Sa'id Al Khoudri radiaLlahu 'anh, the Prophet SallaLlahu' alayhi wa sallam said:

"Musk is one of your best perfumes".

(Reported by Nasai and authenticated by Sheikh Albani in Sahih Al Jami n ° 5914)

Various musk fragrances await you here!
Oud Royal, Musc Tahara, Musk rose ... No doubt, you are in our space entirely dedicated to musk, this concentrated perfume oil with rich and varied fragrances: floral notes, fruity or woody scents ... Discover all our varieties of musk!

Which musk to choose?
For lovers of rich and powerful oriental fragrances, we recommend the Musk Bakhoor, a quality musk blending with finesse with scents of cedarwood, amber and vanilla.

For those in search of a pure and different musk, discover the rose musk, a mixed musk both invigorating and sophisticated, with the scents of rose whose petals have been picked by hand.

Shalimar musk, for its part, is aimed at lovers of flowery and fresh notes. Delicately combining accents of bergamot, iris or even vanilla, this musk may surprise you with its freshness and delicacy.

So which musk will you prefer from our selection?

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Showing 1 - 25 of 25 items