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Discovering Harem Pants

he Harem pants, these baggy pants, have found more and more followers in recent years. It invades most wardrobes today

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À la découverte du Qamis

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Propolis is a set of resinous, gummy and balsamic substances collected by bees on the buds of certain trees

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The unsuspected benefits of camel milk.

Still little known in France and Europe, camel milk is gradually arriving in France and you can find it on the Afrik orient shop website, it has the great advantage of having a rather incredible composition.

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Learn more about fragrances

There are huge price differences between each perfume. Some cost only ten euros per unit or even less depending on the capacity, while some amount to hundreds or even thousands of euros! Unfair you say?

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The black seed

The seed of black cumin comes from the flower of black cumin otherwise called black cumin. Its seed is edible as you know. You should know that black seed can be found in different forms: in oil, powder, seeds but also in various cosmetic or food products.

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3 benefits of talbina

A mixture of hulled barley flour and water and / or milk, this is talbina. It can very well serve as a meal or as a drink. It all depends on the consistency of the food. Very easy to digest, it should be consumed preferably in the morning. Here are 3 benefits of talbina

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How can I prevent my honey from hardening?

We all know the many virtues of honey, both for its healing side and for its soft side which soothes sore throats. There are different qualities but also different origins. And one phenomenon has not escaped you: honey hardens after a while; this is crystallization.

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Amber and its benefits

Amber is actually the sap secreted by certain conifers (a type of tree) which has hardened over time and thus becomes resin. This resin is collected on the shores of certain seas where it is washed away by the waves. We present to you in this article some of its benefits.

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