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  • As-salam a3leykoum wa ramathûllah y wa barakatûh, colis reçu en temps et en heure Al'Hamdoulillah. Baraka'Allah û fikum, le Qamis ainsi que le jilbeb sont vraiment splendide, et les produits Ma sha الله ils m'ont l'air...

    Pauline, Tulle
  • Sérieux et aux petits soins pour fideliser le client ! Je recommande !

    Nadjima Amed, Rennes



Perfume, Oudh, home perfumes or perfume oil, at Afrik Orient Shop you will be smelling perfumes from afar. With our department dedicated to oriental perfumery, discover our most beautiful perfumes and let yourself be transported by the heat of musk and sandalwood.

Perfume and perfume oils:

The perfume is probably the accessory that we can not do without, men and women together. Afrik Orient Shop offers perfume waters as well as fragrance oils that will make you travel in the Orient, non-alcoholic fragrances for your absolute comfort. We have assembled the greatest classics of perfume with the famous Kalemat for men and women or White Musc. Besides, most of our perfumes are mixed, to the delight of families!

Discover oriental oriental perfumery:

Nothing like a home that breathes well-being, cleanliness, sharpness! Afrik Orient Shop knows that it is good to wake up with a pleasant smell to start your day. Spray spray, bakhoor / incense, incense burner, oudh, thiouraye, Let the oriental perfume invade your life! Gift box, gift pack: Gift giving strengthens the bonds of the heart, simply love. Our gift boxes and packs are a way to please for sure. Our Islamic Shop Afrik Orient Shop has prepared perfume sets for men, women and / or mixed. A perfume, a lotion and a musk: a winning combination that will delight your loved ones. The oriental perfumery packs everyone! Solid or liquid perfumes, perfume oils, incense or thiouraye, with Afrik Orient Shop brighten your life by taking care of perfume!

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Showing 1 - 27 of 281 items