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Bukhoor zaynab

Bukhoor zaynab


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Bakhour, the Arab tradition of perfuming your home

Walk through the colorful fields of magnolia and rose and indulge in their fresh, creamy and sweet nuances in this magnificent fusion of floral and musky notes.

This Arab culture incense commonly called Bakhour comes from a skilful mixture of various materials such as sandalwood, agar, natural oil, and other components from the Arab natural environment.

It is commonly used to embalm homes in the Middle East, giving them a uniquely dense and picturesque atmosphere.

We advise you to try the bakhoor oud sharqia which is one of our best sellers.

How to use your bakhoor oud

First you will need a censer and charcoal which you can find in our shop.

Then you just have to feed your charcoal, let it ignite then put some ashes from your previous combustion on the charcoal (which allows you to diffuse your incense slowly and thus keep all its aroma). Then you can place a piece of your scent on the hot coal.

Capacity: 30g

Brand: Naseem perfume