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Tahara Musk

Tahara Musk, natural purifying

In the true sense, the word "tahara" means "to be cleansed of defilements", and this musk is strongly recommended for this ritual which is specific to Muslim women and which is a Sunnah. Fresh, sweet, with a very pleasant smell, it is a fragrance that lasts and that allows by the cause of Allah to overcome some ills.

  "What is wanted by the use of the perfume is to remove the bad smell, this is preferable for any woman who purifies herself of the rules (or postnatal bleeding called nifas). And it is detestable, for the one who can, to leave it, if it does not find musk, that it uses any other perfume, and if it finds nothing, the water is enough. "
Imam An-Nawawi

Thus, when the period of menstruation is over, the woman must clean herself with a scented cloth in order to purify herself.

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