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  • Short Kameez Boss - various colors - Qaba'il
    Short Kameez Boss - various colors - Qaba'il

    A short qamis, comfortable and elegant, of a modern and sober style, in...

    33,25 €
  • Best tahara box
    Best tahara box

    Here is a gift box presented beautifully in a nice gift box.

    33,33 €
  • Tahara box
    Tahara box

    Offering gifts to his brother fillah, his sister fillah, or just to his...

    24,92 €

    Here is a gift box presented beautifully in a nice gift box.

    28,44 €
  • Gowé box
    Gowé box

    Here is a gift box beautifully presented in a nice gift box.

    24,99 €


  • produits de qualité et site sérieux

    Rachid Kadi, eaubonne
  • Très heureux de ma commande, les produits sont exceptionnels, d'une grande qualité. Je vous remercie aussi pour le petit ' cadeau ' qui se trouvait dans le colis. Pour resumer, très bon site , très bon produit,...

    Ange Malek Di lorenzo, Roquebrune cap Martin


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  • Al ameer
  • Al Bassira

    Al Bassira brand

    This brand AL BASSIRA well known to all, has become a reference in Islamic clothing for women. Both comfortable and quality, this brand al bassiral comes in different products to fit the needs of our sisters in their daily lives.

    The Al bassira collection offers you

    Jilbebs / jilbabs in caviary fabric, whool peach ... Opaque, light and comfortable, as well as abayas are also available in different colors.

  • Al manassik
  • Alqamees
  • As salafiyat
  • Custom qamis
  • Cust'oum

    Cust'oum is a brand of ready-to-wear for women, innovative and full of future! Because of the originality of the models and the quality of the products !!! The high end of the char3ia loan finally in your shop ...

  • Hijrab
  • Lawung
  • Na3im
  • Qaba 'il

    The QABA'IL Brand

    She has become a reference in Islamic clothing and modest for the Muslim man. At the same time elegant and of quality, this brand qaba'il is declined in different products to adapt to the needs of our brothers in their daily life.

    The Qaba'il collection offers you

    Cargo sarouels canvas and jogging sarouels for a sober effect. Comfortable and uncluttered, this qaba'il harem pants, available in different colors, will naturally find its place in your dressing room.

    Another novelty of our Qaba'il collection not to be missed is the qaba'il tracksuit set. Lined seams for a better reinforcement, high quality fabric and refined finishes, it is qaba'il suits that are the ideal clothing for the brothers with urban lifestyles and in constant movement.

    AfrikOrient Shop has also thought of those looking for originality and modernity. Our online store offers them the elegant Algerian harem pants style jazayri, 100% cotton for optimal comfort and a new cut for a sleek and different style.

  • Salsabila
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Showing 1 - 27 of 367 items