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Bukhoor mamool abu ghazal

Bukhoor Mamoul Shahin


An incense with oriental scents presented in a beautiful metal box

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The essential Arabic incense: the bakhoor

An incense with oriental scents presented in an aluminum box, which allows good conservation and thus preserves the freshness of this refined scent.

This bakhour from the United Arab Emirates is very popular. Its diffusion allows a moment of absolute relaxation with notes of amber, flowers and spices.

The best of uses to diffuse your bakhour

It can burn on embers, charcoal or an electric stove, but to fully appreciate its fragrance, the ideal is to diffuse it in a brazier as follows:

1 - we need a brazier with hot coals and ashes

2 - create a layer of ash of about 1 cm (can be thicker or thinner, depending on the strength of the coals).

3 Place a piece of the bakhoor on the ashes (possibility of using larger or smaller incense until you obtain the desired intensity of the smell).

This way we get the true fragrance of the incense.

This method can be used for any type of incense.

If you don't have ashes: remember to keep it in your censer and use it for your next combustions.

Capacity: 180g

Origin: United Arab Emirates