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Clay is a soil resulting from the metamorphosis of a rock naturally rich in mineral salts. Clay has been known to all civilizations for millennia. It is found in deposits mined mostly in the open. It is used for its many virtues.

The many virtues of clay

Easy to find, simple to prepare and very effective, clay is a natural remedy of choice for treating many ailments.

Anti-inflammatory, it reduces muscle and joint pain.

It absorbs gas and protects the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Antiseptic and purifying, it calms irritation and itching, and promotes healing of the skin and mucous membranes.

It helps to get rid of toxins.

The different kinds of clays

Green clay :

Green clay is naturally rich in minerals, it works wonders on all skin types, and particularly on oily skin.

Used regularly, it has a formidable rebalancing effect,

absorbs excess sebum, gently cleanses, naturally stimulates and gives the face a new complexion.

Red clay:

Red clay is a natural source of minerals, it contains natural resources within it to make the skin very soft and reveal all its radiance.

His secret? Its richness in ferric oxides which lighten the skin and

illuminate it with a deliciously velvety natural tan.


In powder form, ghassoul has a fine and delicate texture which allows it to be absorbent and to purify the skin without attacking it. Used in a bath it is relaxing and it also acts against muscle fatigue. Your body regains all its serenity.

Pink clay:

This subtle blend of two ultra-soft clays takes care of

the most delicate skin with infinite softness. Both emollient and neutral, pink clay respects the pH of the epidermis, delicately refines the skin's texture to provide it with rare softness and reveal its natural radiance.

Yellow clay:

Yellow clay has a mineral composition very similar to green clay, it has all the best virtues for exfoliating, purifying

all skin types and offer combination skin a grain as soft as a caress.

White clay :

White clay is completely neutral, it respects all

types of skin, even the most mature, giving them a beautiful

softness that respects the skin. And thanks to its incredible anti-gray mine and decongestant power, it instantly reveals the radiance of the skin while deeply replenishing it.

We offer clay for your care in different forms: ready-to-use clay masks, powdered clay so that you can mix with rose water for example or simply the integrate into your bath. We also offer a range of finished products such as clay shampoos, shower gels and much more.

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